Can Friendsgiving become an official holiday already?

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November 23, 2021 4:10:08 PM PST November 23, 2021 4:10:08 PM PSTrd, November 23, 2021 4:10:08 PM PST

Hosting a Thanksgiving meal amongst your closest friends before the actual holiday has become the standard for many. Not only does celebrating Friendsgiving give you an excuse to have two fulfilling feasts in one month, but it also gives you the opportunity to spend a cozy afternoon sipping spiced wines and ciders with your favorite amigos. Friendsgiving is way easier to host than your traditional Thanksgiving. You don’t have to worry about different family members micromanaging your plans when hosting a Friendsgiving feast. You can also enjoy the planning process along with being a hostess.

Here at Park Designs and Split-P, we have created a list of tips to ensure your Friendsgiving dinner is a success!

1. Figure out how many guests plan on attending your Friendsgiving dinner.

2. Create a menu and offer guests the opportunity to bring their favorite dishes.

3. Decide how you would like to set the table. Would you like a more traditional look or are you more into modern tabletop decor?

4. Creating a playlist will really set the tone for your Friendsgiving dinner. Compile a list of songs to set the mood.

5. Games are essential during a Friendsgiving dinner! Don’t feel pressured to come up with all the games yourself. Shoot a text to everyone planning to attend and ask for their game suggestions.

6. This is totally up to you of course, but we suggest small party favors for your guests to always remember such a special occasion.

The most important thing is to have fun! A Friendsgiving dinner should not be super complicated. Make it your own and create traditions tailored to your liking. Maybe even try having a themed dinner or just have finger foods. Friendsgiving is an opportunity to bring all your friends together. Life can be hectic at times and schedules can be very demanding. It’s important to slow down and appreciate those you love most. After all, that is the reason for the season!