Welcome to our Virtual Showroom

Shopping our virtual showroom is easy! Simply create a wish list to show us what product you wish to purchase! Once we receive your list, someone from our customer service department will contact you.

Wholesalers! Here's how you create your quick and easy wish list:

1. Click add to wish list on the item you want. This will direct you to creating your Aftermkt account.
2. Enter your name, email, and set your password.
3. Next, enter your company's contact information and click register.
4. Now just continue adding items to your wish list.
5. When you’re done, go to your shopping cart and click send to Park Designs/Split-P. Once your list is received, our customer service department will contact you!

Please note: The safety of your personal information is very important and it will not be sold or otherwise shared with anyone other than Park Designs.

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